The Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area has the 12th largest percentage of population under 18 years of age.  Nearly 31,000 youth (16-24) in Kansas City are disconnected – meaning they are not working and not in school. 

You can help build your future workforce!

  • Teens who work are 86% more likely to be employed the next year.
  • Participation in a work-based learning activity can increase a young person’s salary by as much as 11% for up to eight years after high school.
  • Older youth have almost a 100% chance of being employed if they worked more than 40 weeks the previous year.

  • In 1973, 72% of jobs required a high school diploma or less.
  • In 2010, 41% of jobs required a high school diploma or less.
  • In 2020, there will be just 36% of jobs that will require a high school diploma or less, but only 24% will require a 4-year degree.

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>>Help us prepare the next generation – your future workforce – with 21st century skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow.
<< Help us reach and connect 31,000 disconnected youth ages 16-24 in the Kansas City area who are not working and not in school.
>>Help us connect all youth to the kinds of internships and work experiences that deliver real results and empower young people to succeed in a digital world.