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Join Hire KC Youth in its endeavor to engage and employ youth citywide.

Are you ready to connect a young person to his/her first break, a future mentor, or the ability to launch a career pathway altogether?

Exposing young people to real-world responsibilities, workplace culture, and on-the-job competencies ultimately transforms Kansas City’s workforce, professionals, and local economy.

We are building a library of resources for our partners and champions to get the most out of the HKCY experience, and to help you with your decision-making process and youth employment planning.

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Partner businesses and organizations can find resources to help facilitate and assure high-quality experiences, workplace safety and compliance, and on-boarding. Please contact us to access any of the following toolkits:

  • Worksite Agreement between the Worksite Provider and Hire KC Youth
  • Defining worksite quality for coordinators and supervisors
  • Defining worksite supervision roles in the workplace
  • How to recruit staff to work with interns, includes sample recruitment email
  • Worksite Sample Intern job titles, descriptions and other suggested activities
  • On-boarding checklist – identifying candidates, interviewing guides and evaluation forms, decision-making
  • Designing worksite orientation agenda and checklist
  • Helpful guides for worksite supervisors connecting with youth effectively through goal setting, feedback, and 21st-century skill application
  • Workday management guidelines and frequently asked questions, i.e. what should one do if/when… there is a non-emergency, social media use, unexcused absence, etc.  
  • Worksite Host questionnaire and feedback forms related to program effectiveness and youth work-readiness
  • Grievance policy guidelines
  • Worksite Incident Policy and Procedure and related report form
  • Workers’ compensation and general liability insurance fact sheet

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