21st Century Work-Readiness Skills: These skills help define an effective worker and should be encouraged throughout the entirety of the program and during each and every activity:

  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Adjusting to various roles and responsibilities, adapting and responding appropriately to change, working effectively when there is ambiguity and incorporating feedback to improve job performance and alter behavior.
  • Initiative and Self-direction: Setting goals, planning effectively to meet goals, going beyond minimum job requirements and seeking to solve the problems that emerge.
  • Productivity and Accountability: Working hard, completing assigned tasks on time and in a high-quality manner, maintaining good attendance and punctuality and taking responsibility for one’s own work as well as that of the team.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Active listening, respecting others, understanding multiple viewpoints, appreciating diversity and contributing positively to group work.

Hire KC Youth: This initiative is a cross-sector partnership dedicated to improving the economic outcomes of the region’s youth by attracting, aligning and investing resources in research-based, youth workforce-development strategies. Each year, Hire KC Youth programming provides young people with career exposure and preparation opportunities designed to enhance youth understanding and mastery of skills needed to be successful in a 21st century, global economy. The diversity and array of partners continues to enhance the programmatic offerings and placement opportunities to youth and employers alike.

HKCY Champion: A Champion is a business or organization who agrees to subscribe to the mission of Hire KC Youth and may already employ youth in seasonal job or internship programs of their own. Through association, these businesses or organizations join the Hire KC Youth initiative to engage more youth in employment programming citywide and share common resources and reporting tools.

HKCY Coach:  Teachers-as-Coaches are hired as Coaches to co-manage day-to-day operations and intern interactions, and to act as a Partner liaison and coordinator for the worksite program.  Each Coach manages a cohort of student interns who are placed around the city in various worksites.  Coaches are the primary point of contact between Partners and HKCY.

HKCY Partner: A partner is a business or organization who agrees to sponsor a managed-youth intern through Hire KC Youth to be hosted at either their own business or by delegating that intern to another organization’s site (i.e. a local nonprofit). Partners join the Hire KC Youth initiative to engage youth in immersive professional work experiences as part the citywide program, and they benefit from the full scope of shared, common resources and reporting tools, and are eligible to participate in flagship events. Partners are recognized on the website.   

HKCY Investor: An investor is a business, organization, or individual who makes a donation in support of the facilitation of Hire KC Youth and its citywide youth employment program. All donations are tax-deductible.

Internship: Research documents that high-quality internships have the potential to boost academic achievement, promote college-attendance and increase long-term earnings. When carefully constructed, internships can help youth learn and incorporate invaluable lessons that will benefit them individually as well as bolster the long-term economic well-being of the city and its residents.

KCSIC-Managed Internship: KCSIC is the managing partner of the Hire KC Youth initiative, and offers a set number of managed interns to Partner employers. These businesses or organizations have the advantage of a managed internship arrangement whereby KCSIC coordinates as the employer of record, providing all human resources functions, including training, onboarding, payroll services and exit/off-boarding.  Managed interns are “leased” to host sites for unique work experiences.  

Learning Experience: A successful learning experience will provide valuable work experience, career training and guidance and professional development opportunities.

Professionalism: Appropriate work attire, timeliness, and commitment to accomplishing the tasks required of the position are just a few of the characteristics of a professional. Professionalism is demonstrated in interactions with customers/clients, coworkers and supervisors while accomplishing assigned work functions. It also include openness to feedback and growth opportunities and willingness to contribute to team efforts beyond job descriptions and titles.

Progressive Communication: Consistently making use of or showing interest in, new developments, findings or opportunities during communication with a relevant party.

Project-based Learning (PBL): PBL is the use of in-depth and rigorous projects to facilitate learning and assess youth understanding. Students may use technology and inquiry to respond to complex real-world issues, problems or challenges. PBL focuses on youth-centered inquiry and group learning with the adult acting as a facilitator.

Program Contact: A representative from Hire KC Youth who facilitates the youth employment program. This individual can also bridge communications between various parties such as worksite coordinators and supervisors, youth, and parent/guardians.

Work Readiness: Being prepared on workplace protocols, effective work habits and behavior, interpersonal relations, punctuality, problem-solving and the importance of being a team player.

Worksite Coordinator: A full-time staff member at the worksite organization, who is responsible for maintaining communications with the Hire KC Youth, the organization’s partnering provider(s) and the worksite supervisor(s) at her/his organization.

Worksite Supervisor: A staff member at the worksite who monitors the day-to-day experiences of the youth.

Worksite: The primary location where a youth is engaged in an activity over the course of the program model.

Worksite Quality: A high-quality Hire KC Youth worksite facilitates a progressive and meaningful work experience by exposing youth to the skills necessary to compete in the 21st century global economy. Quality Worksites…

  • Provide youth exposure to meaningful real-world learning opportunities, professional connections, and career awareness.
  • Connect youth to a caring adult who provides work-related support and feedback, and promotes development of 21st century skills.
  • Provide a safe environment that adheres to all laws and regulations governing youth participation in the workforce, and comply with all youth safety measures outlined by the Hire KC Youth.

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