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What is a HKCY Partner?

A Partner is a business or organization who agrees to sponsor a managed youth intern through Hire KC Youth to be hosted at either their own business or by sponsoring placement of that intern to another organization’s site (i.e. a local nonprofit). Partners join the Hire KC Youth initiative to engage youth in immersive professional work experiences as part the citywide program, and they benefit from the full scope of shared, common resources and reporting tools, and are eligible to participate in flagship events. Partners are recognized on the website.   

All About the Interns

Our partner-based internship programs are designed to create immersive, transformative employment opportunities for Kansas City’s youth, while providing meaningful training and delivering the support young people need to become the workforce of our future.  We are innovating around youth employment – taking the best elements from around the country – and creating powerful new ways to make it easier and more successful for employer partners to introduce young people into their teams, while delivering authentic learning experiences and job-readiness to youth.  Learn more about our managed platform>> check out how it works.  Have your own intern program? Want to hire for seasonal jobs? No problem!  When you hire youth, you can be recognized as a Champion of HKCY – find out how!

Step One

School and Student Outreach – we host events and convenings for schools and youth provider partners, have a full-scale marketing operation to advertise and promote to open applications to KC youth – beginning in February.

Step Two

Job-readiness training begins as students are guided to the LRNG digital learning platform where they can a number of relevant, digital badges, including:

Get The Job* – Impressive Interview!
Cha Ching* – On The Job Financial Literacy
On the Job* – Be Your Professional Best

          *Required for managed internships.

Youth are able to further explore their interests and add to roster of skills with additional badges. Partners are able to create their own badges and curriculum/training playlists on the LRNG platform with our assistance.  Other HKCY badges are:

Self Knowledge – Know Thyself
Career Exploration – Identifying Your Aspirations

Training sessions and workshops are offered for one-on-one mock interviews, resume’ writing, digital portfolio completion, and more.

Step Three

We match applicants to partner sites based on a number of filters, including student interest and experience, employer requirements, plus geography and transportation, and more.  We provide each partner with a select number of possible candidates to interview and select for placement.

Then, we match placed interns with Coaches who are committed to creating a successful workplace internship for the student and the employer. Coaches act as an intermediary asset to both students and employers by keeping projects on track and offering 6 hours per week of professional development outside the workplace.

Step Four

Partners have the ability to customize or extend intern placement to meet their organizational norms/needs.  As we near the final days of the managed 5-engagement, our coaches remain dedicated to both youth and employer by providing exit interviews on both sides and hosting a celebration to showcase the work students completed while on the job and while in professional development training.

Next Steps:
  1. Get more resources and learn more about our managed internships
  2. Join forces as a Partner.
  3. Help us serve more youth – invest in our work.
  4. Show your support & be recognized as a Champion.