HKCY is a citywide youth success platform.  We coordinate and align summer jobs and internship programs to connect youth to important and transformative work experiences capable of unlocking and creating new opportunities that lead to career and college pathways, and build the foundation for lifelong learning.

HKCY offers a next-generation internship program where youth arrive at host locations job-ready with proven skills via digital badges that offer deep dives in career readiness.

HKCY interns continue to learn throughout a multi-week program, working on-site and in cohorts with Teachers-as-Coaches to further refine professional and project-based skills.

We recruit youth from the greater Kansas City area, working directly with schools, youth organizations and workforce partners to help youth discover and explore the abundance of opportunities available in our region.

HKCY employer partners get:

  • Matched with pre-screened, job-ready youth who have earned (3) badges in the areas of financial literacy, job-readiness, career exploration, self discovery and professional development.
  • An intern employed by us, who is paid weekly through the selected program term.
  • HKCY Coaches who help you:
    • Build suitable job descriptions and/or project work for interns.
    • Manage day-to-day interactions.
    • Engage youth to be successful and productive at the workplace.
    • Provide customized and hands-on learning and support.
    • Guide interns as are part of a cohort to participate in a series of professional development work days throughout the program.

There are many ways to engage and support HKCY.  Our goal is 100% participation from the KC community.  And it will take us all to do this right.  How will you commit?

  • Partner >> Host or sponsor a HKCY intern
  • Invest >> Support our initiative with a tax deductible donation
  • Champion >> Align your own intern program or summer hiring under the HKCY collective
  • Participate >> Sponsor or participate in the Career Fair or other HKCY events
Next Steps:
  1. Get more resources and learn more about our managed internships
  2. Join forces as a Partner.
  3. Help us serve more youth – invest in our work.
  4. Show your support & be recognized as a Champion.