Internship Services

Are you a non-profit looking to hire interns this summer?  Check out our Non-Profit Summer Internship Program, and apply for financial support for your interns!  Click here.

Back Office Support

Employers can choose from a suite of value-added back office services to more easily and successfully bring youth into the workplace.

We know every organization is unique, and in order to create successful outcomes for both youth and employers we have created a variety of turnkey, flexible options to help employers of all sizes with crucial, game-changing, back office support services that are designed to connect employers to the next generation of talent in meaningful and productive ways.

The following fee-based services are available through Hire KC:

      a) Job Description & Project Development
      b) Job Posting & Management – outsourced admin
      c) Candidate Recruitment – outsourced admin
      a) HR Administration:  Outsourced admin of HR includes Onboarding, Payroll Servicing, Orientation and Training
      b) Intern Management: Outsourced Management includes Staff & Supervisor Preparation and Training, Day-to-Day Youth Coaching and Mentoring, Staff/Supervisor and Intern Check-ins and Ongoing Communications
      a) Development + Management (with HR) = $2500 per intern per session (i.e. summer)
      *Fully loaded cost includes intern @ $10/hour for 160 hours; custom options are available
      b) Development + Management (w/out HR) = $1000** per intern per session (i.e. summer)
      **Volume discounts available > 10 interns
      a) High School Intern Platform
      b) College Intern Platform

***a la carte pricing options are available – ask us for details.

Managed Internships

Tapping into the turnkey Internship Management option offers organizations and their busy professionals a rewarding, efficient internship program experience for all participants: adult, employee, and intern. Operating an internship program in addition to a normal working office can seem burdensome or feel complicated, but that should not stop an organization from hosting valuable work-based experiences for young people.

Hire KC works alongside the organization’s designated authorizer, supervisor, or HR professional to simplify the structuring and scaffolding, recruiting to hiring process, scheduling and monitoring, and designing and orienting of engagement programming. Best of all, with a managed internship, organizations can rely on Hire KC to handle the day-to-day details while the work-based experiences become more easily lived and modeled by all involved.

Hire KC respectfully works in tandem with hosting teams to fit the internship experience into its partners’ operative systems and procedures, allowing colleagues and interns alike to share the benefits of the program. Offices and cultures are vivified by new faces and perspectives, if not reminded of their own purposes. Leadership opportunities emerge for colleagues to mentor and advise hosted interns through the procedures and projects taking place daily in the workplace. Vitalized by the presence of interns, colleagues and teams take it upon themselves to introduce and share opportunities and resources to the interns reminiscent of themselves in pursuit of a career in the particular field or industry. Finally, integrating a culminating project into the daily set of tasks and duties of the intern, alleviates offices and teams supervisory needs, enhances engagement while tied to high expectations in a manner that grants appropriate urgency to work completed. The end products are an office renewed, a young person’s trajectory and professionalism matured, and a new outlook on the nature of work-based experience at large.

Next Steps

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Hire KC or Hire KC Youth?

Hire KC Youth – this under 18 population may be working toward, or in possession of, a high school diploma. This same population may need an array of fundamental training (beginning level) in business and financial literacy as well as workplace expectations (parameters for behavior and communication).

Hire KC – this 18 plus population is out of secondary school and may (1) possess a high school diploma, (2) be working on industry or trade certifications, or (3) be college degree seeking. This population may require a more than basic (intermediate level) exposure to the same literacies and workplace expectations (communication and interpersonal interaction).