Hire KC Connectors

We are building the future we want to live in, and it starts with you.

What is a Connector?

A Connector believes in Hire KC’s mission to connect young people to internships and opportunity. They help to support our work and share our message in some meaningful way. Connectors hold the key to faces and places in the Kansas City region by connecting Hire KC to the people and employers, where opportunity lives.

What kind of Connector can you be?

Community Connector

Community Connectors support Hire KC by providing access and experiences to interns in a variety of ways. This could mean connecting Hire KC to partner opportunities, hosting a venue for a workshop or presentation, or simply advocating for Hire KC’s mission through networking and social media. As a Community Connector, you play an integral part in helping the Hire KC network spread throughout the Kansas City community.

Resource Connector

Resource Connectors support Hire KC through donations and internship sponsorships. Donations can be put toward an internship, or a whole internship can be sponsored by one or a group of Financial Connectors. As a Resource Connector, you enable Hire KC to build on its internship program and work toward providing internship experiences to a broader range of Kansas City’s young people.

Opportunity Connector

Opportunity Connectors support Hire KC through opportunity and internship creation. Being an Internship Connector means providing at least one internship for an emerging professional within the Connector’s industry. As an Internship Connector, you sustain Hire KC and provide the workforce experiences our interns need to succeed. Connectors power Hire KC’s success. We need them to share and spread our vision of a Kansas City which utilizes and develops a local workforce so that access and opportunity are available for all of the city’s emerging professionals.

Join the Movement

You can help by sharing and connecting Hire KC to who you know and where opportunity lives so that our youth can find it, see it and be it. Learn more at Hire KC’s Connector Pop-Up.

Connectors power Hire KC’s success, and transform social capital for youth in a modern network-economy.
Stand with like-minded do-gooders who are passionate about connecting young people to internships, pathways and opportunities.