We know that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not.  We hear all the time that landing a job or the path to success is “all about who you know,” but we rarely talk about how one knows them, or about the privilege that accompanies knowing those influential people.

We know that the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area has the 12th largest percentage of population under 18 years of age¹; and we know that more than 30% of American companies’ report having job openings for which they cannot find qualified workers with the correct skills².  Among the top 5 skills found in over 20 million job postings –  four of them are soft, and the fifth is Microsoft Excel³.

It’s time to equip our young people with the 21st century skills needed to secure a place in the workforce of the future — project-based learning, social-emotional learning, critical thinking and problem solving, and the ability to continuously learn new things. 

Hire KC Youth connects youth to paid work experiences and internship opportunities to provide workforce competencies that translate to future success. 

We need your help to build the future workforce in KC!

  • Teens who work are 86% more likely to be employed the next year.
  • Participation in a work-based learning activity can increase a young person’s salary by as much as 11% for up to eight years after high school.
  • Older youth have almost a 100% chance of being employed if they worked more than 40 weeks the previous year.

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¹ 2013 Data Profile, Kansas City & Peer Metropolitan Statistical Areas, Civic Council of Greater Kansas City; ² JP Morgan Chase, 2015 Summer Youth Employment Report; ³ Jeffrey Selingo, There is Life After College

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