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Whether it’s your first time or a well-established part of your organization’s culture, internship programming should be much more than just a season of temporary assistance in an office or workplace. When it comes to establishing an internship program that is rewarding to both the hosted intern and hosting professional(s) the experience must embrace growth-mindedness and value work-based learning experiences.

Not all interns are the same; motivation and maturity levels, skill sets and set goals vary from one young person to the next. The same can be said about how adults supervise, guide, coach, and inspire. As Kansas City’s clearinghouse of work-based engagement opportunities, Hire KC also aims to assist organizations discover the best parts of themselves through the development of intentional, innovative, and project-based work experiences for young people.  

Below we have provided visitors with supporting materials that can be used as quick references or guiding tools to develop high quality programs that might train tomorrow’s new, full-time employee. Explore these resources with a click; however, other resources are available upon request.  

Hire KC offers the Kansas City region a community of practice for employers, practitioners, universities, and schools — our goal is to develop a responsive and connected community galvanized to address the region’s youth unemployment and talent development crises. Our knowledge base and library of supporting materials, samples and templates further facilitates proactive and productive work-based learning and internships. 


Quick Reference

Guiding Tools


Contact us to access any of the following samples and templates. These documents are arranged in chronological order from the early parts of the internship program through the exit interview.

  • Job Description Template
  • Worksite Job Titles and Sample Descriptions
  • Recruiting Staff to Work with Interns
  • Internship Candidate Interview Evaluation Form
  • The Hiring Process
  • Designing a Worksite Orientation: Grid, Checklist, Outline, and Agenda
  • Intern Goal Setting Form
  • Intern Evaluation Form
  • Intern Recommendation Form