Internships & Jobs

Did you know?

Last summer 90% of the young people who applied and uploaded a resume were hired into jobs or internships.

Welcome to the 2018 Hire KC Application! 

We are glad you’re here!

Let’s get started on your application with Hire KC – Mayor James’ Summer Jobs Program.  This one application helps us to be a matchmaker between you and thousands of internships and jobs that are available through area employers for Summer 2018.

All you need to do is follow the instructions and make sure you fill out all the required fields. Be sure and watch your spelling, grammar and capitalization – this is your first “first impression.”

We have a diverse and exciting range of work opportunities across the city, including internships and jobs, plus some great volunteer and service gigs, if you’re so inclined.

Important notes:

  • The paid positions directly for the City of Kansas City, Missouri will require that you live within the Kansas City, Missouri city boundary.
  • Most of the positions connected to this application require that you be at least 16 years old prior to the start of your internship or job.
  • There are typically more young people applying to Hire KC than we have openings, and we do not guarantee that you will receive an interview, paid internship or job.
  • We encourage you to explore as many other opportunities as possible in your community, or that a teacher, friend or family member may share with you.
  • Check out and explore the Hire KC website so you can get the latest news, job-ready tips and tools, plus get the scoop on any career fairs and other student events.
  • Some jobs may ask you to do some pre-work (i.e. earning digital badges) in order for you to be eligible for placement.

Are you ready?

There are (3) sections to complete: 1) Contact Info, 2) Background Info and 3) Interests & Experience; and you can even upload a resume if you have one! But don’t worry if you don’t – after you apply, you’ll be able to create one with the information you provided.

If you have any questions about the application process or the Hire KC program, feel free to email or text us at (816) 298-8280.

We look forward to a great summer ahead!

Good Luck!
The Hire KC Team