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Are you ready to get job-ready?

For most internships through HKCY, you will need to earn some digital badges to be eligible. Employers love to see how much you know, and they love to see this kind of initiative.  Here’s how you can get started today.

Step 1Go to and register as a learner.

Two ways to Register: (a) You can use Facebook to sign-on simply or (b) create an new account using a reliable email address.

Step 2 – Visit each digital badge link.

At each page you’ll learn more, so scroll down to see what’s involved, and be sure to explore each one’s associated “Playlist” – a sequence of experiences around a particular theme – just a like a music playlist, but for your life!

Start your job preparation by checking out any of the three (3) digital badges listed below. Each badge represents a type of skill development, and shines a light on your pursuit of self improvement. Begin your quest in digital learning,  and each experience – called an XP – will lead you down a path and unlock new opportunities.

XP+XP+XP = Playlist, which leads >> to a Badge.
  1. Get the Job
  2. Cha Ching
  3. On the Job

Step 3 – Click on the playlist within each badge; discover the series of XPs. Dive in!

Each badge has a playlist, and each playlist has XPs. These experiences require your attention to details and resources. Within each XP, visit the submission requirements and upload your proof to move closer to attaining your digital badge and credential.

Step 4 – Complete all the XPs then submit your completed playlist to earn the digital badge.

These badges can be printed out, attached to a resume, and even uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. These three (3) digital badges are packed full of sought after digital experiences that you can easily accomplish, and include things that employers love!  Make sure you submit each step to gain approval and receive your credentials.

We are here to help, so if you get stuck at any point, send us a text at 816.298.8280. 

*Important* Hire KC Youth internship applicants, must complete these three badges.

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